Concerts & Tickets


Order tickets in advance through PayPal or purchase tickets at the door with credit card or cash. For tickets ordered in advance, print the first page of the email confirmation from PayPal and show at the door.

Prices for each concert: $20 general, $15 seniors, $10 AGS members and all students. Through the PayPal's shopping cart, any ticket combinations and quantities are possible.

Tickets for Eleftheria Kotzia (April 14, 2018)

5800 Fulton Ave, Valley Glen, CA 91401

Entrance to the Recital Hall is from the hallway of the Music Building. Ticket sales begin 30 minutes prior to the performance.

The Music Building is located in the northwest corner of the campus, at the corner of Fulton Avenue and Oxnard Street. One may enter Lot B from either Fulton Avenue, just south of Oxnard Street, or from Oxnard Street by turning into Campus Drive. Parking is ample and free during the concert.

Since the parking area for the music building is constantly changing due to construction, it is OK to use the parking strip (aka College Rd that surrounds the perimeter of lot B) which is parallel to Fulton Ave on the West and Oxnard St on the North. Please note that there is still plenty of parking and is free. Ignore any signs that say the sidewalk is closed when approaching the Music Building.

Please note that all concerts begin at 8:00 PM.