Video Viewing Options:

Watching videos on your computer from YouTube:

The AGS Guitar Orchestra performance has been posted as separate videos on YouTube. From any browser and search engine, type the following: playlist douglas goode. Click on Uploads from Douglas Goode--youTube. Chrome and Firefox users: select your choice from the playlists column on the left. Explorer and Safari users: select playlists below top banner (scroll up if needed) then select your choice. Here is the link to the recent concert playlist:

Watching YouTube on your flat screen TV:

If you have a smart TV which is connected to the internet, you already have access to Netflix and YouTube as well as a Browser and other apps.

Set-Top Boxes like Roku and Apple TV allow you to wirelessly stream content to your TV with a remote, Android smartphone or iPhone.

Game consoles, like PlayStation or X-Box, as well as your LapTop or Blu-ray player can also offer you access to video-streaming services and built-in web browsers. Using a HDMI cable, connect one of these devices to your TV.

Using Chromecast, an inexpensive dongle plugged into your TV, allows you to use your Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone or iPad to act as a remote to access Netflix or YouTube, etc. Another inexpensive alternative is Amazon's Fire TV Stick which plugs into your TV's HDMI port and wirelessly streams content from your Wi-Fi router.

Downloading video files:

If you should want your own personal copy of a video, you can download videos from YouTube to a memory stick (flash drive). Note, many download applications come bundled with malware. Here is a program that I have tested that is free of malware and you do not have to download to your computer:

From deturl, I recommend watching the video tutorials in this order: 3, 5 and 2 which will help you to understand this program. After the file is downloaded, open the download directory: drag and drop the files onto your memory stick.

Note, you can only download one file at a time, rather than a complete playlist. Large video files take about 2 minutes to download at download speeds of 7.5 mbps. If you want to copy files from one flash drive to another, it takes about 2 minutes. Older flash drives take much longer to transfer files and may not be recognized by your flat screen TV. Finally, before using your flash drive, it should be scanned for both viruses and malware.

Connect the flash drive to your USB port on your computer or TV. From the TV, use your remote to open and play the video file. (On my remote, I select Media P, and use the arrows to select, along with the return and exit buttons to play the videos.)

Sharing (linking) and embedding video files on your webpage:

To place a video on your homepage, from youTube click on the video you want and select share: you have two options: share (link) or embed. Choose share, if you want your visitors to watch a video from youTube, or embed, if you want visitors to activate the video from your website. Copy and paste the code provided into your webpage’s source code.

To link to or embed more than one video on your webpage, create a playlist on youTube with your favorite videos. From the playlist click the share button for the source code to be pasted into your webpage’s HTML.

Take advantage of linking or embedding videos from youTube to your homepage rather than uploading separate copies to youTube or your server which will only degrades the quality of the video.

Note: Watching youTube videos on large flat screen TV's takes the viewing experience to the next level assuming you have quality speakers associated with your TV.